How to go to confession de Sabrina Carpenter - Letra y video

Letra y Video de la canción, How to go to confession - Sabrina Carpenter

Love me now and love me well
It's your love I crave to know
Before I stand here buried in this unforgiving snow
Love me good oh love me please
But I'm pleased to know you at all
Pull me out before I'm gone
But please don't let me fall

Fall asleep, but not for long
Your dreams are in your hands
Handle them gracefully
But don't let them sift like sand

Sing of love and sing of none
Remember when you are through
I'll be here to sing along
My heart will be with you

Moments are fleeting
Each end is a greeting
To what lies ahead
So get up from your bed

Keep your eyes off the clock
Time's spent better with them locked in mine

Oh I tell you that it's true
Every second is a treasure with you

Winds are mean and time is too
I can see them in my face
But winds have timely brought us close
Like pearls sewn into lace
He has great plans in mind for us for welfare, not for woe

Plans to give us futures
Full of goodness
Full of hope
Quiéreme ahora y quiéreme bien, me muero por conocer tu amor
antes de que me entierre esta nieve sin compasión
quiéreme bien, quiéreme por favor, pero me conformo con conocerte
sácame antes de que desaparezcas, pero sujétame con fuerza
Duerme pero no demasiado, tienes tus sueños a mano
trátalos con delicadeza, que no se vengan abajo
canta al amor y canta a la nada, pero recuerda que al acabar
cantaré contigo esta balada, mi corazón no te abandonará...

Los momentos se van saluda en cada final
a lo que está por llegar, de la cama levanta ya
No mires el reloj, el tiempo pasa mejor si me miras a mi
de verdad te lo digo, atesoro cada momento contigo
Planes para darnos un futuro lleno de bondad y esperanza